Beaded Cheeseheads 2012

Once a derogatory term coined by Chicagoans to describe their neighbors to the north, the cheesehead is now proudly worn as a badge of honor and head covering by Green Bay Packers football fans and Wisconsinites the world over. My husband and I often create one-of-a-kind decorated cheeseheads for friends and Packer fans alike.

Gallery: Beaded Cheeseheads

Gallery: The Vegas Cheesehead

The standard BeadedCheesehead™, as shown above, is fairly priced at $75 per piece. This includes the price of materials – usually beads and/or glitter – and labor. Larger, customized and more elaborate pieces are priced according to materials and labor involved. If you are interested in donning your very own blinged-out cheesehead and making your pals green and gold with envy, please contact me via the comment form below. ON HIATUS. Go Pack go!