Cluster Earrings

Cluster Earrings

Cluster Earrings October 2013

Yesterday, I made this pair of cluster earrings and fixed a pair of drop earrings. Cluster or grape bunch earrings, as I like to call them, are stunning and dress up even the most casual outfit. I’ve long wanted a pair or five, but have only come across cheap plastic ones or expensive pieces in colors I don’t quite like. Many years ago, I purchased a bag of these beautiful blue-green and orange glass beads in different sizes at the Bead Shop in New Orleans and saved them for the right cluster earring design and tutorial to come along.

Enter Rings and Things’s How To Make Cluster Earrings. The instructor goes through each step down to what head pins and tools to use. A lot of the labor is in making the individual grape pieces, and I found that long fingernails are not suited to dealing with wrapping wire onto small glass balls. Drying your fingers constantly helps. Note that I also departed from the formula by using glass balls of varying diameters making the end product look more like a real grape bunch, with larger beads at the top and smaller and smaller ones towards the bottom (and a large bead at the bottom for effect).

If you have a bunch of loose beads that you don’t know what to do with, you might try fashioning them into cluster earrings.

As I get older, my allergies have become more unpredictable. I had to change out the posts on the drop earrings shown below after they caused some lobe inflammation, despite their being labeled as “hypo-allergenic” when I first purchased them. Corrosion over time may also be the culprit. Drop earrings are super-easy to make, as long as you have high-quality chain, and look great with an up-do and sleeveless/strapless blouse.

Drop Earrings October 2013

Drop and Cluster Earrings October 2013

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