Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014

Fall is the most wonderful time of the year. Football, Halloween, one more season to Carnival. What’s not to love? Here are the costumes of Halloween 2014.

On Halloween night, we were The Evil Mad Scientist and The Grim Reaper (D did feel like death that night).


This was followed by the Texas Renaissance Festival‘s All Saints Day and Day Of The Dead celebration the very next day. D and I painted our friends’ faces for the occasion, while we decided to go with masks for The Red Death and its victim (Living Dead Girl). My mask was a very inexpensive purchase at Arne’s Party Store – I spent two hours shining and prettying it up before D wired and velcroed it to a skeleton arm, so I could carry it and not have to wear it on my face all day.


Another successful Halloween is in the bag along with a ton of candy. I also happily report that not a single child in my neighborhood dressed as Elsa. Geoff Peterson is going to crawl back into the attic. Until next year.


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