Introducing MaitriLAB

Introducing MaitriLAB

When not geologizing and blogging, I find myself making. A lot. I make costumes, masks, jewelry, food, cocktails, decorations and plans. Now that I am finally in a single physical space which houses my library, electronics, tools, desk and work bench, I can produce more and efficiently with documentation. Thus, MaitriLAB (TM) was born, along with this site in which to document and share my creations online.

How better to inaugurate the lab than with a dress form? Fitted tops, skirts and bustiers, here I come! After a lot of research and reading, I settled on a Singer D150 Adjustable Dress Form for its ease of setup and long life. Here are pictures of the form wearing my DIVAs 2008 bustier, which needs repair after a couple of cross-country moves.

Take it from me that dropping $250 ON SUPER SALE FOR $99 on an ergonomic dress form fitted to your height, bust, waist, hips and torso measurements is a lot better than fashioning the Ghetto-quin (see below) each year.

I hope to share not just what I make but also instructions, recipes and pictures in the coming weeks and months. For instance, the form above requires a standard, el cheapo tshirt torso and three or four thick beach towels wrapped in cellophane. One of my projects requires the use of a soldering iron along with fine motor skills, so there may be some pictures from the ER (Just kidding. Or not).

Off to clean my trusty hot glue gun and heat milk for yogurt.

Welcome to the machine!

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