The Cheeseheads of 2014

The Cheeseheads of 2014

Last year’s cheesehead tally: D 4 Maitri 1.

The four commissioned pieces made by D were:

  • Welcome to Fabulous Lambeau Field a la the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign (incidentally, Betty Willis never copyrighted the design of the sign as she “considered this her gift to the city and wanted it to be in the public domain.”)
  • the ultra-mega-surround-sound Texas Cheesehead with a built-in programmable LED sign generator,
  • Blue Cheesehead (my personal favorite) and
  • the Packer Cheese Helmet with face mask, which was worn at the Atlanta-Green Bay home game and made it on ESPN.

Cheesehead - 2014


My 2014 contribution: The Birthday Girl. It’s so pretty.

Cheesehead - 201411 - Birthday Girl

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